Saturday, February 18, 2012

OMAHA 2012


The Midtown Marauders presents the J Dilla Tribute at the House of Loom in Omaha Nebraska February 9th, 2012. This show was put on by the Midtown Marauders easily the largest contributor to the hip hop movement in Omaha.  All proceeds to this show went to the J Dilla foundation. Free donuts were shared by all as DJ and MC performed on stage.



 Pictured here is Arron Shoemaker the front man (aka The Capitan) of Blu Simon. Touring regionally throughout the mid-west performing their act is the business of these musicians. They are hard at work every week to make this their job. as they work to find a new business model for young creatives. The push continues demanding a change in the models of economy to support such a lifestyle.