Sunday, February 28, 2010

the moment part 2

Anticipation - Sitting on the edge of his seat Kyle Minch, watches as the Canada versus USA, olympic mens gold metal championship comes to a close. Canada is up 2-1, but USA is putting pressure on the Canadian goalie.

Celebration- With seconds left in the game USA pulls through and scores a tying goal for a chance in overtime. Kyle Minch, leaps from his seat in excitement and celebrates by shouts and high fives with his roomates.

The Moment- Excitment

At the Mount Pleasant, Humane Treatment of Animal Shelter, Jill Foster plays with Stella in the main lobby, Friday February 26, 2010. Jill is getting ready to adopt a dog and had some questions to ask before doing so. Stella is up for adoption but she is a diabetic dog, which makes it hard for her to be adopted because she requires two shots a day. You would not be able to notice that Stella has diabetes because she is full of so much energy.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lighting: this photo was taken at night, and the natural light came from a jeep's spot lights.

Snowboarding in Mount Pleasant takes some creativity sometimes, and some enthusiast create their own parks to snowboard at. Jordan Roberts does a front side board-slide on his homemade park that consisted of a ford f 150, for the starting ramp, which had its bed filled with snow that led to the cab where the starting platform was. This then led down to a small kicker jump to a bike rack. This is no easy thing to accomplish in order to make it Jordan and his friends all the snow around their house and some from neighboring houses. Many other snowboarders that have a passion for the sport take the time to make their own park set ups because it saves time and money driving all the way to Caberfae or Boyne.

Lighting: Daytime Ambient light on stage at the Denison Hall

Central Michigan University musicians, Seunghee Lee (left), and Zhihua Tang (right), pose after a concert featured at The Art Reach of Mid Michigan as a part of their winter concert series on Sunday, February 14, 2010. Today was another special day for the performers as they are also celebrating the Chinese New Year. This event attracted couples all around the mid Michigan area that appreciated classical music. Their performance was a passionate duet between a piano and violin. “The bass was heavy on the piano”, Zhihua said, but I thought the higher violin played by Seunghee complemented it nicely.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Working title: The American Dream.

• In life I believe that the definition of the American dream has changed dramatically over the decades, and the notion changed even more after September 11th 2001

• My project will show this in action by exploring Americans from a wide variety of life, some struggling in our society along with others that are excelling.

• Ultimately I want the audience to feel a true connection to the American dream, and understand that each American has their own style to achieve the American dream.

The subject of my projects would be from the following categories

Firefighters -common day heroes in America, a major symbol of Americans post 9/11, I would meet one from mount pleasant / I know one in Detroit named Kyle Cummings. I would like to show him in action saving lives and stuff like that.

Army / Michigan Militia –US, is in a war that is protecting the American dream, either a vet that is coming home from Iraq, or Afghanistan. I think that this is one of the most important one because these are the people that are fighting and dying to try and conserve our American dream.

Tea Party – A group that is made to protest how America is mostly conservative. This would be necessary to show because they are a good example for our freedom in America to express our views and we have the ability to gather.

Impoverished person – possibly a homeless person or a family I know that is in the process of loosing their home. This will show the change in the American dream and take an indepth view on how their American dream is not as perfect as many may think.

Jim Jacques, average American house foreclosure will interview on how through out his life the American dream had changed, and how he feels about the current state of the nation.

I would like to set up a random street interview that questions people about what their views on the American dream are. This would be completely random and show a variety of people that may have some interesting stuff to say.

Through these interviews I want to take a critical look on how Americans view them-selves.

This project will have many different parts in it to show this and the order that I present it in is going to go back and fourth on what the people I interview say; showing one view then another, every one will have something different to say and I believe that they cant be ordered until I put it all together

The impact that I would like to make is to show how we need to take a critical look of what modern day America actually looks like. Ultimately I would like to inspire people to feel American again.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

After a hectic weekend with a funeral, I finally have the time to write my blog about my inspiration. I have two inspirational influences, both with their own reasons. They are both already doing things in their photography that i would like to strive towards in the future.

1. Richard Avedon

His stark black and white photography looks amazing and his portraits are composed with clear details that show peoples stark emotion. I believe that his photography shows the true character of his subject in their facial expressions and body language. The approach that he took in his series called the American West took a different approach to documentary photography, it redefined how to do a essay in a unique way.

2. Ace Kvale

I found this photojournalist when i typed in adventue photojournalist in google. actually google is a strange phenomenon because, when i viewed the site it was actually the type of thing that i had dreamed on doing for my whole life, traveling the world and helping people through photography. He travels the world and photographs for many different publications, through out his journeys he gets to meet people and learn stories.

Both these photographers are inspirational to me and they are examples of the level where i would like to take my photography.